Fur, Paws, and Travel, Oh My!

I want a dog. I want a hairless cat. I want an iguana, a fish, a pig. I desperately want a pet. Unfortunately, part of being an adult means truly understanding what it means to be a responsible pet owner. My husband and I have a small apartment, no room for pet. We both work full time in places that do not allow animals, not time for a pet. We travel a lot for work and for pleasure, again no time for a pet.

My solution to this problem is to offer to pet sit for anyone and everyone I know with a pet. There are a few regulars that you’re likely to see throughout the blog. So, I thought I would take a moment to introduce the furry stars.

Cocoa and Jay Catsby

These odd looking creatures are my cousin’s Sphynx cats. I’m allergic to cats, so I have always avoided them as much as humanly possible. However, when Cocoa (left) and Jay Catsby (right) came to Thanksgiving last year, everything changed. Turns out, I am not allergic to hairless cats. I also found their energetic nature and strong desire for attention and snuggles endearing. Cocoa was the first to win me over. Though once mistaken for a large rat, she comes from a long line of show cats and is an expert cuddler. Grab a blanket and she’ll be the first to curl up in your lap and fall asleep. Jay Catsby on the other hand is a bit more standoffish. He loves my cousin’s husband and only my cousin’s husband. He did however eventually warm up to me. A fellow high anxiety sufferer, I am convinced that Jay Catsby is able to see things us humans cannot and is protecting us from the dangers of the underworld. He also prefers the house be kept at a balmy 100 F, so get ready for a constant state of summer.

Darwin Dog

darwinYou think your dog has a lot of energy? You have not met Darwin. I’ve been occasionally dog sitting him for one of my (now former) coworkers since he was 8-months old. He’s a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, a well known hunting dog. He has a the sweetest disposition and needs your attention 100% of the time. You can spend hours running on the beach with him, you can take him to the dog park multiple times a day, walk him for miles. Absolutely nothing will tire this guy out. I’m not complaining though, he’ll reward you with cuddles once bedtime rolls around.

Lucy Goose

2016-04-23 17.58.50My parent’s got Lucy when I was 16-years old after we moved from Oregon to North Carolina. Obviously, she holds a special place in my heart. She loved my mom more than anything, but I like to think I ruled over second place (my siblings will likely argue this point, but they are wrong). I was lucky enough to regularly dog sit her anytime my parents wanted to travel somewhere. In fact, while they were in Hawaii one year, I got her in the habit of taking daily morning and afternoon walks. A tradition that stayed in place until she passed away in March of this year. I’m grateful for the almost sixteen years my family had with her. She’ll always be my favorite study buddy and daytime nap partner. Rest in peace, Lucy.


2018-07-15 11.28.05This lady was a smart one and she had attitude for miles. Jinx, a mix of collie, husky, and who knows what else, was the first dog I began dog sitting when I moved south for my new job. I was instantly in love. An older lady, she liked her routine. Daily walks, breakfast and dinner (with a mix of soft and dry food or not all), and naps. She wasn’t a cuddly dog per se, but she always wanted you to be within sight. Unfortunately, she passed away in December 2019. I was lucky enough to spend Halloween with her that year, cuddling on the porch and laughing as she made children looking for candy a little nervous. I still find hair of hers in the back seat of my car. Rest in peace, Jinx.

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