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BOOK REVIEW: The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell

I’ve enjoyed puzzles since I was a little girl. Word searches, the New York Times crossword, putting tangrams into specific shapes. My family even puts together a 1000-piece puzzle (or two or three) each Christmas. However, logic puzzles are my all time favorite challenge. You know the kind, the camper with the surname Williams (who isn’t Andrea) has a dog named Fido. I love them and this book was one big logical puzzle.

The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell tells the story of Tabitha and Nina, two women who couldn’t be living more different lives. Tabitha grew up in a working class home. They made ends meet, but it was never easy. When the novel begins she still in that town, waiting tables at the local watering hole. At the same time, Nina is living a life of pure luxury. Her late husband may have left her with a few neuroses, but he also left her his considerable wealth. What these two women do have in common is Connor Ford. Tabitha fell in love with him during a youthful summer, but he broke her heart. Nina fell in love with him years later and eventually married him. However, Nina and Connor’s marriage is not as happy as it may seem to outsiders. When Connor runs into Tabitha again, an old spark turns into a roaring fire. Then Nina turns up dead and everything spirals out of control.

This book was a typical thriller in many ways. Two different perspectives (Nina’s and Tabitha’s) are used to tell the story. It’s hard to tell which characters are being honest and which are being deceitful. And of course, there are a few characters you’ll want to scream at (I’m looking at your Tabitha). What’s different about this book is that you’re not being led up to some big twist. Instead, the reader is given a set of puzzle pieces to try and fit together in order to see the whole picture. It almost felt like I was the detective trying to piece together what happened to Nina. By the middle of the book I felt like I had all of edge pieces put together, but there were a few middle pieces that I just couldn’t get to fit right. I was trying to think things through up until the answers were given at the very end, the book never got boring.

Continuing on with the puzzle imagery, there were a few pieces that I felt never quite fit. They weren’t big pieces, so the picture at the end of the novel was clear. However, there were just a few questions I felt never got answered, plot points that seemed important but then fell by the wayside. I don’t want to give too much away because figuring out what is important and what isn’t important is part of the fun, but there are a few things I would’ve loved to have more information on by the end.

Overall, The Wife Who Knew Too Much was an incredibly enjoyable read. I actually stayed up well past my bedtime because I was so engrossed in the mystery (a common occurrence for many of us bookworms) . This book is an easy 4 out of 5 stars. Honestly, I was just a few steps away from setting up a police procedural style bulletin board to put all of the facts of Nina’s case up in front of me. This one comes out July 28, 2020 and you definitely don’t want to miss out. If you’re looking for a read that you can easily get through during an afternoon at the beach (fingers crossed we can go to the beach by July) this is exactly the book to pick up.

Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing me with a copy of this ebook in exchange for my review.

Content Warnings: rape, drugs, domestic abuse.

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