ASMR Rooms for the Perfect Ambiance

Hello neglected blog. I’ve been absent for awhile thanks to a hectic schedule at work and a general lack of motivation to write any book reviews (which I am now woefully behind on). I swear I’ll get to them soon, but in the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite ASMR rooms.

For me, finding the perfect environment to read is almost as important as finding the right book to capture my attention. I tend to do more reading outside of my house (parks, bars, the beach) so quarantine has put a bit of a damper on my reading routine. Enter ASMR rooms. I didn’t use them prior to quarantine, but now I can’t get enough. Whether I’m looking to feel like I’m sitting on a bench in a busy park or trying to get spooky for a thriller, YouTube has a room. I’ve even started keeping an ASMR room up and running throughout the day for background noise while I’m working. My husband laughs at me when I want to close the blinds and dim the lights to pretend it’s raining outside.

So, here we go. My favorite ASMR rooms based on the mood I’m trying to achieve.

A warm spring day in the park. Birds chirping. Wind blowing. Pen and paper scratching. Light chatter. Pairs well with a cold beer or lemonade.

A cozy and rainy afternoon. Simple light rain. Pairs well with your to-do list and a cup of coffee.

A dark and stormy night. Thunder. Rain. Wind. Crackling fire. Pen and paper scratching. Pairs well with a weighted blanket and cup of hot chocolate.

A haunted forest. Spooky tones. Birds. Crickets. Ghostly murmurs. Pairs well with a dark room, your favorite kindle horror novel and maybe a flashlight for safety.

Go find your favorite ambience and get to reading! Happy (or scary) adventures, my friends!

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