About Me


Welcome to my blog! I began my online bookish journey with the bookstagram community in June 2019 and fell in love. The book community is truly one of the brightest spots on the internet.

Since this is an “About Me” page, here a few random facts about me:

My mom is the one who fostered my love of reading. As a kid she read to me. As a teenager she ensured I always had a book to read. As an adult she’s always there to chat about the latest reads.

I am not at a place in my life where I can responsibly own pets (small apartment, lots of travel). So, I am always to first to volunteer as a pet sitter. My regulars include a sassy husky mix, an energetic hunting dog, a sweet old cocker spaniel, and two cuddly hairless cats.

I was born in the southeast, but moved away when I was very young. I’ve been back since I was 15-years old and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’m lucky enough to split my time between two of the southeast’s best cities, Charleston and Atlanta.

I’m a Ravenclaw, an enneagram one, and a Meyers-Brigg INSJ. Out of all of those, I think my Hogwarts house is the most revealing.

I hope you enjoy my book reviews, thoughts about life, and everything in between. However you found me, I’m happy you’re here.